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  • László Rácz: Composition

    oil on canvas; 98 x 89 cm; Signed right below: 98 L. Rácz
    350 000 Ft
  • László Rácz: Composition in blue

    oil on canvas; 61,5 x 50 cm; Signed right below: 95 L Rácz  
    250 000 Ft
  • Béla Kádár: At bottom of the gate

    watercolor on paper; 4 x 4 cm; Signed right below: Kádár Béla
    Request for
  • Joseph Heimerl: Cats

    oil on wood; 21 x 26,5 cm; Signed right above: Jos. Heimerl
    Request for
  • Gabriella Rainerné Istvánffy: White cat

    pastel on paper; 18 x 25,5 cm; Signed right below: Rainerné Istvánffy Gabriella
    Request for
  • Rainerné Istvánffy Gabriella: Fehér Macska

    pasztell, papír; 18 x 25,5 cm;  Jelezve jobbra lent: RainernéIstvánffy Gabriella
    Request for
  • Gyula Tornai: Symbolic selfportrait

    oil on cardboard, 68 x 53,5 cm, Signed in the middle below: Tornai Gy
    Request for
  • 19th century European painter: Fan Painting

    painted silk, 26 x 48 cm, Not signed
    Request for
  • Imre Révész: Declamation, 1885

    Imre Révész: Declamation, 1885

    oil on canvas,  172,5 cm x 110 cm, signed left below: Révész Imre, Paris, 1885
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