How to buy?

1. Get to know us better

Personally in the gallery

Online in our new WEBSHOP
(paintings, furnitures, artworks)

In our current auction – catalogue

2. Contact us online

You can send us your inquiries at if you are interested in any art piece listed on our website.

You can also call us for further information: + 36 1 787 2998

Determining your interest:

You can specify your interests by e-mail, and our colleagues will compile a “package” offer specifically for your interest, from which you can choose (Period, Style, Artist, Artwork Size, Subject).

3. Buying: You can buy several in ways in our shop

Contact by phone

Online through the new WEBSHOP

On auctions

4. Payment

1. In our store by cash
2. In our store with credit card
3. Through bank transfer
4. With Paypal

5. Transport

Personal delivery
We undertake transportation in Budapest and its surroundings
Request a delivery quote to home or abroad from our shipping partners.

Enjoy your new artwork