How to buy?

1. Get to know us better

  • Personally in the gallery

  • Online in our collection (paintings, furnitures, artworks)

  • In our current catalog

2. Contact us online

  • You can inquire at for a specific artifact selected on the website.

  • You can also call us for further information: + 36 1 787 2998

Determining your interest:

You can specify your interests by e-mail, and our colleagues will compile a “package” offer specifically for your interest, from which you can choose (Period, Style, Artist, Artwork Size, Subject).

3. Buying: You can buy several in ways in our shop.

  • Personally

  • On auctions (About auctions here)

4. Payment

    1. In our store by cash
    2. In our store with credit card
    3. Trough bank transfer

5. Transport

  • Personal delivery
    We undertake transportation in Budapest and its surroundings
    Request a delivery quote to home or abroad from our shipping partners.

  • Enjoy your new artwork